Thursday, September 2, 2010

September Writing Ideas

How about finding some things to write about in your community? Drawing a blank? Well here are some ideas to get your started:

Labor Day is Spetember 3rd -- Write a localism post about the activities in your community

Back To School - Write about things that affect kids (backpacks, meeting new friends, spotlight a teacher -- start a featured student of the month, reach out to a high school English teacher to get students involved in writing about cool things in your community for Teens)

GrandParents Day is September 9 -- How about writing about parks in your community that Grandparents can take their grand children.
Write about upcoming Octoberfest events
Remember September 11th

Special Days in September:

September 3 - Labor Day and National Bathtub Race Day
September 4 - Newspaper Carrier Day (feature your neighborhood newpaper carrier)
September 5 - Do it Day!
September 7 - Google Commermoration Day
September 10 - Swap Ideas Day
September 15 - International Coastal Cleanup Day (start up an event and promote on your BLOG)
Setpember 17 - Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day (who knew????)
September 22 - Dear Diary Day (interesting.....)
September 23 - Autumn Begins & National Good Neighbor Day

September Weekly Observances:

1-7 is Self-Universty Week -- can anyone make the ActiveRain connection?
2-8 National Waffle Week
9-15 Habitat for Humanity's International Building on Faith Week
9-15 National Assisted Living Week
11-17 National emergency Preparedness Week
16-22 National Love your Files Week
24-30 National Chimmey Safety Week

September Monthly Observances:

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Month
Baby Safety Month
Shameless Promotion Month -- Real Estate Professionals -- show your best!
Backpack Safety America Month
Be Kind to Editors & Writers Month
Mold Awareness Month (could be an interesting connection Real Estate folks)
College Savings Month
Fall Hat Month
If you live in Idaho -- September is National Potato month!
National Civics Awareness Month (write about the civic associations in your community)
International Self-Awareness Month
International Strategic Thinking Month
Library Card sign-up month
National Addiction Recovery Month

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