Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Real Estate Writing Ideas for October

Here are a few that might inspire you to write this month for your Real Estate Business:

  • National Book Month - Write about your local library
  • National Breast Cancer Month - Write about your city's cancer center
  • National Child Care Month - Write about all the local Child Care Centers
  • National Spinal Health Month -- Write about local Chiropractors
  • Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month - ASPCA and Iams Dog Food - write about your local dog shelter
  • Country Music Month - Write about country music happenings in you area
There are also some interesting Weeks that you might want to write about for your Real Estate Business in October:
  • First Week in October is Get Organized Week - Write about home staging and cleaning out the clutter - Does your community have a company that comes in and organizes for people? Write about them!
  • The second week in October is also School Lunch Week - This is a great opportunity to write about the local schools. Perhaps do a spotlight article on one of the "School Lunch Ladies" or if you have kids, go have lunch with them at school, take a few pictures and write about the experience.
  • National Radon Week is also the fourth week in October. This is a perfect time to write about Radon and how to detect in a home and a great time to write an informational piece that home owners and home buyers can use.

And then there are the specific days that you could write about for your Real Estate Business:
  • October 8 - Columbus Day. Write about the local Columbus Day Celebrations
  • October 13 - Navy Day. If you live in a naval community this might be a great opportunity to write about it
  • October 19 - National Mammography Day. Write about your local Mammography Center
  • October 22 - Xerox introduced the copy machine in 1938. Write about your local copy center
  • October 31 - Halloween. There are tons of things to write about Halloween.

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