Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Got Writer's Block?

Writer's Block as described by Wikipedia as

"Writer's block can be closely related to depression and anxiety, two mood disorders that reflect environmentally caused or spontaneous changes in the brain's frontal lobe. This is in contrast to hypergraphia, more closely linked to mania, in which the changes occur primarily in the temporal lobe.... It is widely thought that writer's block is part of a natural ebb and flow in the creative process"

Many times writers find that they lack inspiration to write and are frustrated in the process. Writing for the Internet does not mean you are exempt from Writer's Block. Many times you just need a spark to generate ideas. Or other times you might be wrapped up with Keywords. Back in August I created a contest on the social network ActiveRain called ActiveRain Contest Laurie Manny Challenge where I got people to look outside of our little world at ActiveRain and get some ideas. The weeks that followed that challenge the writing of many of the members grew and it was fun to watch as other's learned from the process.

So what can you learn from this experience? Well first off it can give you new ideas. The next time that you find that you are stuck, why not take up the Challenge and check out a few of the many Internet Writer for ways to recharge your writing.

When I need a boost, I pick an outside BLOG and then I read a post or two, then I go to a link to another BLOG, and I will read there and then link off to another BLOG. Before I know it I am reading in places that I never thought about and I am learning new things...

The greatest benefit from one of these little explorations? I have a renewed passion for writing and I am full of fresh ideas...

Here is a list of BLOGs that you might want to check out:

Hope that some of these might inspire you!

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Becky Carroll said...

Thank you very much for the shout-out! Great way to get new ideas, going blog-exploring.