Sunday, December 6, 2009

Does Article Size Matter?

I do a lot of writing on the Internet. I also do a lot of reading. Occasionally I read a post that affects me. Over at the Case Western Reserve Univeristy, Web Development Blog, Heidi Cool posted an interesting post, Copy Writing: Long vs. Short, Does it Matter that got me thinking...

Does the size of your articles really matter?

Personally I find this interesting topic and I have had many conversations with my friends regarding this topic. I personally can be a lengthy writer, but there are times that a short post works for me.

In this post is some of the best advice I have heard in a long time "There's really no one-size fits all solution. Instead the best thing to do is to tailor the length of your Web pages or printed matter to the situation, then offer opportunities for more details as necessary. If you've given the reader enough information to make an informed decision you've done your job."

If you have presented your material, organized it in a logical manner and engaged the reader the size of the article really doesn't matter.

Enough said!

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