Saturday, July 28, 2007

Think Differently!

Imagine if your advertising was different...

When is the last time you have changed up how present your listings? If your advertising is not driving traffic to your website or blog perhaps you are doing something wrong...

If I see Motivated Seller, or Charming Home in one more ad, I will scream! Imagine just what the consumer is thinking!

Instead of Priced To Sell or Just Reduced: Try

  • Fun Location!
  • Small but practical!
  • Inviting home welcomes you...
  • Memorable!
  • Lives up to your expectations!
  • Imagine the possibilities...
  • The appeal of small;the impact of big
  • The price is right!
  • Just think -- you could be the owner of this home!
  • Premium quality and affordably priced!
  • Dreams do come true, let us show you how!

Hope this inspires you!

1 comment:

flproperty said...

Thanks for the ideas! I find myself using the same lines over and over like many agents. I'll give some of these a try.