Sunday, December 16, 2007

Excellent Lesson from the Blogging Experiement

The Simpsons: Lessons on Blogging written by Ben Cook over at the Blogging Experiment has some very interesting insights.

What great advice! I especially could relate to the points he makes in this article regarding writing and the popular Simpson's cartoon:

Plans Will Fail

  • How many times doe we plan to do something and it not result in what we want? Does the result that we get give us something better? Is it really a failure?

  • Donald Trump had many failures -- is that a bad thing?

  • What it means to be successful is to learn from our failures and move forward.

  • Don't complain about failure, find a positive spin on it and share with your community.

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Get the Community Involved

  • With the Internet, it is interactive. You have to stimulate the interaction. Perhaps it is using Social Media sites.

  • Be willing to enlist the assistance of guest authors to broaden the scope of your material

  • Create the interaction, a contest, a poll, perhaps a challenge

  • With that you need to reach out to the community and participate too!

  • Don't forget to acknowledge the participation of your readers

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Attention to Detail

  • This is very important, how many times have you checked the spelling of a post only to come back two or three days later and see a glaring error? What does your audience think when they see this?

  • Are you writing the types of material that your community desires?

  • Are you taking time to comment on other bloggers sites?

  • Are you exploring other writers for ideas? Perhaps someone is writing about something that might interest your audience. SHARE.

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Brand your Content

  • Be focused in your content write well about it.

  • Make sure your keywords you use are directed to your target.

  • Become known for being an expert on a topic.

  • Don't forget your Avatar, site design and email signature. They all affect your BRAND.

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Hope that this helps you in your quest for the perfect blog...

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